Truck Driver Electrocuted While on the Job – Why a Truck Accident Attorney Would Advise You to Follow the Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations Even If Your Employer Promises You Overtime Pay

In Fairfax County, Virginia around 6 a.m. exactly on the ides of March, company truck driver Bobby Blevins Jr. was electrocuted to death when his truck came into contact with power lines. Bobby Blevins Jr. isn’t an amateur truck driver. He had been working for his trucking company for over a decade. He’s not a young, hot-blooded truck driver either – he’s a stable family man at 47 years old. His friends and family describe him as being caring, kind, and a giver rather than a taker. He’s notably known for selling his motorcycle to help pay for a...

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3 Risky Things Truck Drivers Almost Always Do on the Job

Being a truck driver is both good and bad. Most truck drivers will tell you that you can’t be in the business unless you genuinely love driving a truck on very long drives. When pushed, they’ll even say that you have to love truck driving as a hobby or you’ll quit before long. They’re not just boasting, they’re actually being quite realistic – and the reality is, to make it in the truck driving industry, you’ll have to bend the rules. The Hard Part Isn’t Driving the Truck After getting a CDL and becoming accustomed to the nuances of...

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Truck Catches on Fire After Being Struck by Car: Why a Truck Accident Attorney Would Act Faster Than a Simple Car Accident Attorney

Around 8 p.m. on March 9, 2018 in Tinley Park to the near south of Chicago, a car crashed into a truck in front of the gun store, Freddie Bear Sports. Luckily, no one was injured, but the truck caught on fire and onlookers were worried that there would be an imminent explosion because of the close proximity of the ammunitions. The onlookers tried using a fire extinguisher, but they couldn’t put out the fire. The situation was neutralized eventually with the help of the local fire department. After Being Informed, A Truck Accident Attorney Would Already Have Hit...

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